Managerial Services

Research Management can be the difference between success and failure. Good management is invisible, it is not noticed because of the lack of problems. Great management anticipates problems and is waiting with solutions. Poor R&D management can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Research management skills

  • Designing and building safe, functional laboratories
  • Generating department project portfolios in concert with corporate capabilities
  • Determining mix of high and low risk, short and long term projects
  • Generating specific projects in portfolio to achieve strategy and mix
  • Assessing skills required and hiring appropriate personnel to achieve success
  • Generating and implementing product development processes
  • Building training programs for new employees or those with new responsibilities
  • Developing, motivating and managing diverse teams
  • Establishing, implementing and managing project metrics and tracking
  • Running successful R&D departments

Small, fast growing companies may find themselves without sufficient resources (often manpower and time) to set up a smoothly running department. RnD Technical Solutions can come in, evaluate the situation, set plans in place to facilitate future growth.