Intellectual Property Services

While it is generally understood that intellectual property has monetary value, people often do not behave as though they truly believe in the value. The worth of physical property is clear. Therefore, people behave appropriately and protect their physical property. They use security devices and services to deter theft. They have property identification and tracking procedures. Finally, if their physical property is stolen they take appropriate action for recourse. However companies may not be giving their intellectual property the same degree of protection, theft determent, property tracking, and recourse consideration. In today’s competitive environment successful companies need to maximize return on all investments, including intellectual property. RND Technical Solutions Inc. can help you maximize the value of your intellectual property.

Areas of assistance include:

  • Patent portfolio strategy
  • Blocking patents (to prevent others from going around the originals)
  • Location for filing and risks for not filing
  • Breadth of patent (Getting the most out of the invention)
  • Teaching vs. protecting
  • Protecting vs. ability to police
  • Programs to determine infringement (material purchase and analysis)
  • Where to go and what to do upon infringement

Maximizing an Intellectual Property estate is mandatory. Having a person on board who understands the technology and has experience in intellectual property can be invaluable, but maybe not cost effective full time. RnD Technical Solutions has the experience to help protect your property.