“Dr. Meirowitz was able to turn a vague concept of ours into a viable and successful product… He was able to facilitate the entire development process, from concept through commercialization. He is one of those rare people who has both excellent technical skills, and a keen understanding of the marketplace.”

Robin Gardner, Vice President of Product Development
Sperry Top-Sider, Division of Stride Rite Corp., Lexington, MA

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“Dr. Meirowitz knows how to run an IP procurement and enforcement program. He’s an astute reader of patent claims. He understands infringement. He understands how to avoid infringement. And he has a sophisticated appreciation of the factors involved in deciding whether to bring or settle an IP suit.”

David Garrod, Ph.D., Esq.
Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler LLP, New York, NY

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“Dr. Meirowitz has the ability to take high-level technical concepts and explain them in everyday terms which are understandable and applicable.  His knowledge of testing protocol is extensive and he has been invaluable in evaluating the performance of new technologies.  He is able to work in the area of multi-functional teams and bring the big picture together for a final conclusion.”

Lou Protenentis, Director Technical Services
Cotton Inc, Cary, NC

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“Dr. Meirowitz has  the rare combination of being both highly intelligent and extremely hard working.  He is always prepared and had a firm grasp of his company’s technologies to the extent that I would turn to him almost exclusively for all of my technical questions.  Randy not only understands complex chemical and materials technologies, but also has the innate ability to translate this knowledge into terms that are understandable to those lacking his extensive scientific background.

Dr. Meirowitz was instrumental in the prosecution of many patent applications on behalf of Nextec.  As an expert in polymer encapsulation technology, he helped me understand the important aspects of the inventions for which Nextec was seeking patent protection.  Randy participated in several teleconferences with employees of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Randy took charge of the situation and was able to thoroughly explain the crucial aspects of the very complex patent applications and was influential in obtaining broad patent protection on the inventive subject matter.”

David E. Heisey, Esq.
Luce Forward Hamilton and Scripps, San Diego, CA

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“Dr. Meirowitz has the unique ability to communicate very technical concepts to both the most senior scientists and common folk! He is a master educator… Randy’s expertise in the field of patents has proved to be extremely valuable in both the creation of a sound intellectual property portfolio and the management of enforcing these patents. This skill can pay huge dividends to companies where technology is core to their success.”

Peter Ellman, President & CEO
Nextec Applications, Inc., Vista, CA

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